<p>What exactly is cellular agriculture? Is clean meat GMO? Is it even vegan? Paul Shapiro, the author of Clean Meat, answers your questions!</p>

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JL Fields is a vegan chef, National Board-certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), Certified Nutrition Coaching (PN1-NC), and a Master Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator. An 8-time author, she is a consultant to food, health and wellness brands, and is the founder and culinary director of the Colorado Springs Vegan Cooking Academy.

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Now offering online private yoga instruction and meditation classes! Improve your yoga practice and explore meditation for stress management!

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Join me on urban trails (westside and downtown) in Colorado Springs, CO, or beachside in New Smyrna Beach, FL for 1:1 health and wellness coaching. Coaching topics include plant-based nutrition, managing stress through mindfulness and mindful movement, creating better sleep routines, and more. We will begin with a 15-minute consult via phone or Zoom in advance of your 1:1 Walk & Talk Coaching Session to determine your current health and well-being goals. Then during your 45-minute Walk & Talk coaching session on city trails in Colorado Springs or on the beach in New Smyrna, we’ll collaborate as you design a […]

Indian-Style Lentil and Potato Hash

INDIAN-STYLE LENTIL AND POTATO HASH From The Complete Plant-Based Diet by JL Fields Potatoes are such a comforting breakfast food, and contrary to food myths, they are super nutritious—low in calories and rich in vitamins C and B6, potassium, and iron. Spuds are typically fried for breakfast, but here they’re simmered in a spicy sauce to create a deep, warming flavor. The last-minute addition of lentils contributes even more potassium, plus iron and protein. For a third burst of nutrients, serve over raw or steamed greens. INGREDIENTS ¼ cup Vegetable Broth or water, plus more if needed 1 (10-ounce) russet […]

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